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Mark Cole: Insure Your Best Year Ever By Jason Brooks | January 18, 2019 |

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I want to help you make this year your best year ever. Is that something you’d be interested in?

Here’s the catch: this message may not be for you.

This is for those who are expectant. I’m talking to people who already have a plan and are ready for 2019 to be the above-and-beyond year you’ve been anticipating! If that’s you, I want to help you create an insurance plan for the goals you’ve set this year.

Here are 7 things that will insure you to have a successful 2019:

1. Have a plan.

I don’t believe you can be successful if you don’t have a plan. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? Clarity on what you’re pursuing keeps you focused in the difficult times.

Ask yourself 3 questions to help you develop your plan. In 2019…

  1. What areas have to be different?
  2. What areas need to be different?
  3. What areas do you want to be different?

Spend time answering those three questions. You need to have a plan.

2. Set expectations.

Expectations are critical to success. There have been far too many years of my life when I didn’t know that I had a good year because I had not set expectations to be different.

Define your wins for 2019. If you don’t put some expectations to the plan, you’ll never know if the plan worked. You can’t exceed expectations if there are no expectations.

3. Remove distractions.

What are the low return activities that are impeding your growth? Maybe there are things that you have been doing for years that have turned into distractions.

John Maxwell asks it this way, “What are the downhill habits that are impacting your uphill aspirations?”

You’ll never accomplish your plan and meet your expectations while entertaining distractions.

4. Invite accountability.

State your aspiration out loud! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Some people are fooled into thinking they can reach their potential alone. But you can’t—you need to put your aspiration out there!

Get an inner circle, women and men that have the ability to give you a greater set of odds to hit your plan—people that can bring something to the table to push you to meet your goals. Partner with significant people that are going in the same direction as you.

5. Set measurement markers.

So many of us fail in our growth plans because we don’t have measurable activity within the plan. A plan without actionable items isn’t a plan—it’s a wish.

You need to place time on your calendar for doing activities that propel your 2019 growth plan. Then, revisit the plan so you can track it as you go.

6. Be the result.

Before you reach the result, be the result. Demonstrating the behaviors of success before you are successful will create a mindset that will propel you toward the success you are pursuing.

So many of us wait for a promotion to make us a leader. Bad idea! Being the vision is as important as seeing the vision.

7. Plan the party!

My good friend Don Yaeger shared an insight with me that I found fascinating.

While interviewing tennis great Serena Williams, she described how she envisions winning the championship before entering a tournament. She described visualizing every moment after the final point: how she will shake her opponent’s hand, how she will wave to the crowd, what she will say at the podium, and so on. Talk about a winning attitude!

Don’t just imagine what success is—imagine how success feels, how you’ll handle it, and what you’ll do when you’ve achieved it. If you have done all of the first 6 steps well, it’s time to plan the party! What will you do for yourself and the people who helped you accomplish your plan for 2019?


Some people dream, some people plan, but it’s only those who take action that reap the benefits. I want you to not only live out your plan, but see incredible results from it in 2019!

If you’ll put these 7 steps into practice, we’ll stand together at the end of the year celebrating our most successful year yet!  


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Being Successful Is a Personal Choice » Jim Rohn Blog


Being Successful Is a Personal Choice
by Jim Rohn | Oct 15, 2018 | Time Management |

Success is not a stereotype. Success is not an automobile. It’s not a house. It’s not a plan. It’s not money in the bank. That’s not success. Success is the continual unfolding of the design of our life and pulling it off. That’s what success is. Being successful in whatever you want to do that makes sense to you, for you and your family. Take on responsibilities or refuse them, it’s all up to you. We’ve been given the power of choice.

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Every life form except human beings operates by instinct in the genetic code. It has no multiple choice. Only humans have multiple choice. In the winter, the goose flies south. Why? Because he’s a goose. He couldn’t fly west. If you said to the goose it’d be better to go west this year, he’d ignore that advice. He’d keep on flying south. Why? He has no alternative. He has no other way. He is only driven, as all life forms are driven, by instinct in the genetic code.

Except human beings. Now why not human beings? Because we’ve been given the dignity of choice. We’re not like a robot. We’re not stuck like a tree, using up all the nourishment and, with nothing left, you die because you can’t change locations. Not true. Humans can go north, south, east, west. Humans can change and do anything they want to do. We’ve been given the dignity.

But here’s what’s interesting about all life forms except humans: Every life form except humans strives to the max of its potential. How tall will a tree grow? As tall as it possibly can. You’ve never heard of a tree growing half as high as it could. No, that is impossible. A tree grows as high as it can, drives down every root it can, produces every leaf it can, extends itself as far as it possibly can. Every life form extends to the max, except human beings. Now why not human beings? Because we’re not robots. We’ve been given the dignity of choice.

Do It All or Don’t
Be part of or all of what you have the potential to be. You’ve got the choice. Do a little to make yourself comfortable and forget the rest, or do it all. There’s nobody here to dictate you’ve got to do it all. That’s nonsense. You’ve got to be rich because we live in a rich country. That’s nonsense. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to do it all. You can do a little, do some, do some more. Take advice, but don’t take orders. Take information, training, teaching, but don’t take orders from anyone who tells you how you need to live and what you need to own and what you need to do. Somebody says, “Well, you need to be successful.” That’s a personal choice, being successful. What we teach is the possibilities, and everybody chooses. Take a little, take a lot, do something, do nothing or ignore the subject.

Abraham Lincoln said, “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.” Excellent philosophy. A guy says, “Hey, I’m soon cashing it in and I’m heading for the mountains. I’m going to live in a little cabin, live off the land and feed the squirrels.” If he goes and does that, guess what—he’s a smashing success. Why? He’s doing what he designed to do and pulled it off. You can’t say, “No, no, that’s not successful.” That is the epitome of success—giving a design to your life and pulling it off to make progress in the direction that satisfies you. If it doesn’t satisfy you, make alternatives and change. If you get some better ideas, sure, you might follow someone’s suggestions and ideas, but not orders.

Design Your Life
Design your own life like you want it. Now if you can take on some responsibilities, you’ve got to consider those. Yes, you can ignore your responsibilities, but you won’t feel good about that. Here’s what the old prophet said: “Some things that taste good now in the mouth turn bitter later in the belly.” So you don’t want to sacrifice.

We all must suffer one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. What we suggest to everybody is to consider the disciplines because disciplines weigh ounces; regrets weigh tons. You don’t want to substitute a discipline for a regret. In our opinion that would be a poor choice. Now you can do it, but some things are poor tradeoffs. The old prophet said, “What if you gain the whole world but it costs you your soul?” Would that be worth it? With a bit of intelligence, we say no, that doesn’t seem worth it even if you’ve got the whole world if you traded your soul. That experience would be so bitter and awful and so devastating, it wouldn’t be worth it.

What if you got some gain by greed instead of legitimate ambition? I’m telling you, it might taste good up front, but it’s going to turn bitter in the belly. And a bit of that advice saves some people from devastation. Say, “Well you’re right. I’d better think twice about that.” So we must confront all laws. Spiritual laws, agricultural laws, basic laws, fundamental laws. We must confront all of those. But you still now can design your own life. A little or a lot. Go east, north, south
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